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Marcella + Eric | Vandiver Inn Wedding

Marcella and Eric are truly amazing people. Ever since we met last February, we hit it off right away since both of our visions for what a wedding should be about were completely in sync. Their most important photographic request for me was to really focus on capturing those candid moments that occur at every wedding but sometimes go un-noticed. I’m sure they saw my face light up at that request since that’s without doubt my favorite part of photographing a wedding – in those vignettes of the day I am able to capture the real love, joy and happiness that a wedding is all about.

For Marcella & Eric, their wedding was really a celebration of their love. Their love for each other and their love for all of their friends and family, some of whom traveled thousands of miles to be with them on this day and who helped make this a truly memorable wedding. The wedding was held at the gorgeous Vandiver Inn in historic Havre de Grace, Maryland on a beautiful sunny day (thanks to hurricane Earl, for passing us by and only leaving a lingering breeze that helped keep the temperature perfect)

From the beautiful and moving ceremony to the many poignant speeches by friends and family to hours of some crazy, crazy dancing, we had a truly amazing time. Thanks for letting me take part in your day, Marcella & Eric.

I hope you enjoy looking through these photos almost as much as I did taking them.

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17 Responses to Marcella + Eric | Vandiver Inn Wedding

  • Great storytelling, Leo. I love the reception dancing photos, you did a great job capturing the energy.

  • Erskin:

    If I still had that hat on, I’d tip it to you. Damn fine work. I especially appreciate that the photo with flower girl is “artfully” rotated to help anchor the action in the image, not just because it’s what all the hip kids are doing. ;)

  • Great job Leo, I love some of the moments you have captured here, particularly the hugs!!!

  • Great set, Leo. Love that house. Is that a haunting spirit on the steps in the first pic? Haha… great job.

  • What a fun wedding! (…Is that the Ministry of Silly Walks I see happening there? Hysterical!) Great work!

  • Looks like a cool venue. Well done Leo!

  • ooh, it looks like they had a gorgeous sunny day. That last image of them dancing is my favorite….really emotive and powerful.

  • Gina:

    Enjoyed browsing this post. So many great moments, wonderfully captured. Well done!

  • What a beautiful setting for a wedding! Everyone seems to have had so much fun, and you did a great job recording that.

  • Nice work. Great shot of the first kiss. And the reception photos look fun. Awesome job.

  • Nice work Leo. And with the mirror shot, I love how the pattern on the mirrors frame is echoed in the windows in the background. :)

  • Whew, lot’s of great images, the bride and groom will be vehr happy with these, well done!

  • You caught so many good moments! Fantastic work!

  • I love your colors – very natural and vibrant. great job

  • i look at a LOT of wedding photos, but yours i always stop and really take in. wonderful job leo

  • Marcella:

    Oh Leo, I’ve thanked you a thousand times but I just can’t say enough how delighted we are with the photographs. They’re amazing, emotive, captivating and will be something we’ll look back to over and over again through the years. Thanks for being so professional, smart, and talented!

  • So much fun!! I adore the shot of the ceremony shot through the gazebo.

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